Monday, 24 February 2020

We Can Hear You, We Are Beside You - Pleiadian Rainbow Forces

Dear ones, we know that you are tired, and you have many questions in your mind such as “where are your allies in galactic federation of light? Why you don’t see them yet? Why they don’t help you?”

Dear ones, we are here beside you, we can hear you, and we have told you before about the challenges on your way towards evolution.

Dear one, be like water on your path. Look to your body, how many percentages of it consists of water? Act like water. Practice its flexibility, its power, its softness, and be unstoppable like water. Water can turn to steam, expand and become even more powerful. Well, this is the story of you and us.

You are learning that you are not the victims, that you are unlimited, that you are experiencing and learning how to activate your divine powers.

We are like parents who walk behind you, we watch over you but you should act like a child who is learning how to walk (you are starting to walk towards the path of the infinity). Keep your will firmly while trusting completely that you are protected. Do children give up by falling down for few times? Do they give up walking? They keep going up from stairs, they keep experiencing, and once they reached upstairs then they turn and smile to their protectors, The victory smile. We love to see this smile of yours, the victory smile.

Everything has been prepared for you, we have opened the way for you, accessing to the infinite energy has been made possible for you, but you have to climb from the stairs by yourselves. This is a universal law.

We can hear you and we are beside you.

Transmission from pleiadian rainbow forces.

Channeled by Tiona

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Remember Your Holiness and Your Eternity

Earth warriors, every day you are witnessing plasmatic packages entering to earth.

What you are experiencing is your sight becoming more transparent both physically and consciously, meaning that everything which were ambiguate are getting clearer now.

All these phases are moving forth measured and controlled with respect to consciousness level, tolerance in change, Gaia’s tolerance and controlled discharges.

Losing “the social influence over oneself” is a indication of growth. It means the person starts to be his/her true self. Faces lose tolerating veils (of socialization) and start to be who they truly are. Even those who have forgotten their true nature will come to realize it when asking themselves the question of “Who I Am?”

Admitting the true self without any fear is the Return of the Courage, because the person comes to a comprehension of his/her position in the universe and understands that nothing can stop his/her presence. Because every person has always been there, and will always be there, but in different shapes. And this is the return of Holiness. the person understands the origin of his/her sacredness.

We have spoken before of dark faces being revealed. When light shines upon darkness, the enlightening will continue.

The consciousness light package entered to earth like plasmatic bombs will change the mental bodies.

The truth has been empowered. Individual matrixes have started to resolve so that the person can enter to his/her divine matrix.

All these along with external signs will be understood by each person. And hologram content of the person starts to adopt changes that reflection of frequencies sent out through this new hologram will be coming back as external changes to that individual’s hologram.

More coming in the next phases of the changes soon by ninth dimensional and seventh dimensional warriors.

Remember your holiness and your eternity. This is who you truly are. And consciously live your truth.

Galactic Federation of light.
Channeled by Tiona

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Transmission via Solar Portal from Pleiadian Rainbow Forces.

The pleiadian forces are informing and announcing standby status for executing another part of the “Masterpiece” operation with collaboration of ninth dimensional beings 
on earth date 05/02/2020

consciously receive the Light Codes.

God Speed.

Transmission via Solar Portal from Pleiadian Rainbow Forces.

Channeled by Tiona 

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Transmission From Solar Portal and Pleiadian Rainbow Forces - Be Ready to Welcome The New Wave of Awaken Ones on February 2020

Transmission from solar portal and pleiadian rainbow forces

Dear starseeds, consciously keep receiving the light codes that comes from light lands and keep sending them to the darknesses that you observe, through crystalline chakras of heart.

Dear ones, the opening and energetic sending culmination of 02-02-2020 event will occur in 16 days from now which means on 5th Feb 2020.

As this portal opens and the planet’s akashic cleanses, Gaia’s motherhood power and her spiritual power will be completely freed, and the direct impact of these freed energies will be observed on Gaia’s children lives.

For example, we will see the transgressors who were collaborating with the planet’s military force will get out of illusion and will suddenly wake up and will give up their weapons for humanity’s benefit.

This new wave will cause experiencing another event as well which is the wave of new awaken ones who will wake up in shock. This new wave will be supported by those who got awakened in previous cycles.

We have gone through this way before and we know what experiences you will have.

so, starseeds, be ready to welcome the new wave of awaken ones on February 2020

God speed

Channeled by Tiona

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Sirian Light Warriors, Allies of Galactic Federation of Light - Be Ready For 14th Jan

Sirian Light Warriors, Allies of Galactic Federation of Light

And with light work continuation of other allies, welcoming the earth residents entering to the new era.

And be prepared for coded light falls on 14th January.

Embrace them

Embrace them

These coded rays are the continuous of uploading and liberating the DNA of earth residents.

fully aware of these energies, Embrace these new changes of yours

we welcome you returning to your glorious eras.

We remind you again that there is no outer matrix anymore. What has left that causes suffering is maintaining individual/collective matrixes through people’s mind themselves.

Consciously let go of creating these mental matrixes and enter to the new reality.

You have been told how to get out of it, keep connected to the field, keep connected to the field.

Let go of fears. Let go of acting with fear, because you will recreate them in this way.

Only do things that you really want and love them.

Don’t focus on pain, anger, judgment and sympathy.

Just focus on what should be there, to create it.

Embrace your new changes, and the changes you observe in your environment and do your part.

End of transmission

Sirians and Saha Commander of Solar Portal
13th Jan 2020 
channeled by Tiona

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Commander Saha From Solar Portal - Two Important Messages

Transmission from Solar Portal – 06 Jan 2020

Two important messages

First one is that under command of God, volunteer forces from a solar system which is 120,000 lights years away from our solar system have entered to our solar system today through solar portal

But the other important news is that as lights workers have already felt it today (or soon will come to an understanding about it), the residents of the two earths are completely separating from each other now. It is hard to explain it, that how as 3D earth and 5D earth overlap and apparently everyone is on one earth. But as you have experienced after December portal opening, apparently painful separations happened afterwards. But, starseeds, light workers and old souls on planet have come to this consciousness that such separation from their loved ones is in fact a passing through from the ascension tunnel. It is the birth, it is getting born in a new world. And now the celebration in your heart confirms this glorious experience.

Only those who have successfully passed this experience would understand of what we are talking about. But still there is opportunity for everyone, and such perception would become clearer for you in next few days. and make sure to use the powerful energies of January and February. Those who will pass through this tunnel, after understanding their changes within and establishment in new situation, they will be having the power to go back and help those who will join in the future.

As you have always heard it, staying at love frequency is the only way for passing through.

Saha, Commander of Solar Portal.
Channeled by Tiona
06 Jan 2020

Monday, 6 January 2020

Terara, Female Priest of Telos - Regrowth of Moralities on Earth

I am Terara, female priest of Telos

We are witnessing the regrowth of moralities on earth. And we will continue observing it. But the role of souls who have chosen female bodies are very important. The female body and female features that enables the possibility of Creating and Direct Collaboration with the creator for that soul. That is why spirituality is more obvious and tangible for women.

The physical and spiritual capabilities of “giving birth, beauty, fighting, spirituality” that women have them simultaneously. And now we are witnessing the return of feminine power on earth.

Each house is a temple, and each lady is its high priest. These high priests in each house are in charge of adherence, implementation and teaching of the new laws of the new earth. So, it is good for women to identify their weaknesses and to heal them. Keeping the inner temple cleaned from impurities will firmly position the new society’s pillars away from “lying to self and others, betraying self and other” and this will strengthen your beauty and authority.

Take the responsibility of building the new foundations of infrastructures. This does not mean that men are not responsible, but the return of feminine and masculine powers in balance.

Your great love to the creation, is a picture of the creator’s great love to the existence.

We bless you, and we are beside you.

05th Jan 2020
Channeled by Tiona