Sunday, 20 October 2019

Commander Ashtar - WRD

Transmission from Galactic Federation of Light

Subject: 10th October portal’s achievements

Since the opening of this portal, the equations between various earth occupying species have been completely broken.

They have completely broken their agreements upon things that they had agreed to. because they are only concerned with their own survival and this is ego’s nature.

Another achievement of this portal was accomplishment of another phase of gradual change within layered bodies of earth residents. The continuing of changes that gradually took place in your bodies since August 2017. The changes that their next phases will be done during November and December 2019. if these all were meant to happen at once to earthly bodies, it would become intolerable to take all these pressures.

Now more people are seen to be ready to join WRD.

WRD are meditators who create the necessary changes together (joint creation). They practice Joint Creation and Collaboration with The Creator.

Are you ready to join WRD?

Have you believed that you are the creators of New Earth?

Are you ready to consciously drive the collective subconsciousness toward 5D heaven?

Are you ready to determine your own destiny?

So, this is how to do the joint creation:

*Set your body on 936Hz frequency (tell your body to be in this frequency)

* Ask protection from Angles and light beings

* Ask protection from Archangel Metatron using white light of AN

* Call upon Saint Germain’s violet flame

* visualize yourself in a Merkaba bigger than your body.

* Now do the 12th Dimensional protection shield (sending a merkaba from inside of skull along energetic channel downward to earth’s star center and then returning it up and building 12th dimensional light pillar around you and then sending that small merkaba to central sun. and so, you will be completely protected and connected to your higher self and the source, while meditating.

link to 12th dimensional shield )

* Now ask the healer, programmer and cleanser forces of galactic federation of light to make you a channel for sending and changing. ask them to do any necessary thing to create 5D heaven on earth via your channel. All of your imaginations in this meditation are important for earth.

By repeating this meditation, the changes will become clearer and also the speed of your cleansing and DNA activation process will increase as well.

This meditation is for those who understand this instruction.

Congratulations, welcome to WRD

Ashtar, Commander of Galactic Federation of Light

20-10-2019 Channeled by Tiona